Kráľovský vŕšok


Kráľovský vŕšok is a project of a comprehensive area revitalization in the Lucenec town of Southern Slovakia, including the reconstruction of the the art nouveau Manor House, built on the foundations of the original large Baroque manor house with a historic well. The aim of the project is to create a non – traditional connection of the historical (past) and environmental (future) aspect of the development area and to build a unique environmental, educational and suburban recreational and historical zone.


The area of ​​Kráľovský vŕšok consists of two parts – the western part, which is dominated by a national cultural monument – the Art Nouveau Manor House (preklik na podstranku Manor House). The building will be used mainly for the presentation of cultural and historical values, while in the adjacent areas will serve as examples of garden art inspired by current trends, among which is a particularly strong support for local biodiversity.

The eastern part, which is more extensive, will consist of the enviroNOVA environmental center (preklik na podstranku enviroNOVA), which will be used for educational and research activities. The building of the environmental center will be used for research in various areas, but especially for finding ways to accelerate the achievement of a neutral carbon footprint, sustainability and digitization.

kralovsky vrsok